Erdoğan Özgörkey Group

Established in 1951, E. Özgörkey Group is active in various sectors, mainly the beverage sector and carried out the production, sales, marketing and distribution of products of the Coca-Cola Company in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions between 1968 and 1998. Currently having significant investments in the automotive, tourism, lodging and construction industries, E. Özgörkey Group has carried its more than half a century of experience to the agriculture and food sectors with Özgörkey Gıda that was established in 1998.

Özgörkey Gıda

Özgörkey Gıda, which offers Feast, the leading and innovative brand in the frozen food sector, to the consumers, put into operation the largest and the most modern integrated frozen food production facility in 2000 whose foundations it laid in Torbalı district of Izmir in 1998, by completing it in less than two years. Exporting its products to more than 20 countries in 4 continents, Özgörkey Gıda has been serving the leading prestigious brands in the sector in Turkey since the day it was founded in the non-domestic consumption channel, where it has the leader position with a 30 per cent market share with Feast Brand. Having entered the national retail sector at the beginning of 2008, Feast is the most innovative and fastest developing brand in the market now. As one of the most important institutions in the Turkish food sector, Özgörkey Gıda employs approximately 800 people at its Torbalı facilities. In addition, it realized production with 1000 farmers on contract on 36.000 decares of land in 2013 for the provision of raw materials.

AtaKey Gıda

A joint investment of E. Özgörkey Group with Ata Holding, the foundations of AtaKey Gıda Production Facility were laid in Afyon in 2013. The facility began production for the first time in March 2014. Total potato production capacity of Özgörkey Gıda Facilities reaches 150.000 tons with AtaKey Gıda, whose cost of investment was more than 60 million Euros. AtaKey Gıda is currently the strongest production plant with the highest capacity in not only Turkey but also the neighboring countries and The Middle East. The target with AtaKey Gıda is to become the leading player in the domestic market by far and to have a superior position in the global competition and to become the brand which carries the flag in Turkish agricultural products as a regional power.

Cake Studio

Without slowing down its investments, Özgörkey Gıda entered the frozen cake category in 2012 and in line with this, it merged with Cake Studio. Cake Studio brand, established by two courageous female entrepreneurs with great dreams in Kalamış, Istanbul 8 years ago in a 50 m2 small dessert workshop was added to the group in 2012. After the brand joined Özgörkey Gıda family, production began in the new dessert plant in Özgörkey Torbalı Production Facility as of June 2014. Özgörkey Gıda is by far the leader and market creating brand in the retail cake category currently with Cake Studio.

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