The Facility

The facility of Özgörkey Gıda, established on 1.000.000 m2 area with 100.000 m2 indoor area in İzmir Torbalı has a 100.000 ton potatoes, fruits, vegetables, covered and bakery products processing capacity per year. The largest frozen food facility in Turkey, 30.000 tons of packaged products can be stored in fully computerized cold storage depots of Özgörkey Gıda.

Every stage of production from raw material entry to storage is controlled by a computer network at the modern facilities where high technology is utilized.

High Quality Standards

There is a total of four laboratories, which are the Raw Material, Process Control, Microbiology and Final Product Laboratories at the Quality Assurance Department of Özgörkey Gıda.

Quality Assurance Department which carries out its activities in order to ensure customer satisfaction, controls all stages of production very carefully and ensures that the highest quality products are offered for the customers after all physical, chemical and microbiological analyses are conducted. Özgörkey Gıda established ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and British Retail Consortium (BRC) quality assurance and food safety systems in its production plants in order to prevent the potential risks beforehand by using a food production technology which guarantees consumer health beginning with raw material supply.

Research and Development

Özgörkey Gıda carries out its research and development studies through permanent improvement and development activities by taking the expectations, requirements and recommendations of its current and potential customers into consideration. Research and Development Staff of Özgörkey Gıda, who brought firsts to the retail market in Turkey, carries out new product launchings in a wide range of products from cakes to vegetables and fish to the first “snack” products of the frozen food category.

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